Ecuador Eastern Cloudforest is journey into the beauty of Life Diversity of Ecuador, misty mornings, clear water streams and tons and tons of clouds.

Eastern Ecuador Birding Tour ~ Antisana Reserve

Eastern Ecuador Birding Tour ~ Antisana Reserve

Join us to learn about the nature of the Andes, searching for Condors along snow-covered volcanoes, experience the misty cloud forest with amazing hummingbirds colorful orchids and old living ferns..

Hummingbirds & Toucans

 -Small Groups Only-

Principals Destinations

Guango Lodge is a paradise for hummingbird lovers and photographers. Seeing 14 species of hummingbirds within an hour is not uncommon, and the Sword-billed hummingbird with it’s unique, long bill is sure to amaze you. Our scenic vistas and a variety of trails offer the visitor great opportunities to hike in a beautiful setting surrounded by forest-covered mountains. This small, cozy lodge is right in the middle of it all.

Cabañas San Isidros Lodge is a lush cloud forest reserve, it can be reached by paved road from Quito’s new international airport in only about 2 hours, so getting here has gotten easy. San Isidro lies right between two large national parks, so ‘getting lost’ is part of the fun, and discovery is a daily event. Amazing cuisine, cooking clases, primary forest trails, mammal watching, birding, and archaeology are some of the activities waiting for you here!

Wildsumaco Wildlife Sanctuary, a small private company dedicated to conservation, is determined to save what we can of this fine forest and its wildlife before it disappears. Our land is a choice, sustainable and bird-rich piece of foothill rainforest, and as an important part of our conservation plan we have built the comfortable and convenient Wildsumaco Lodge on a ridge where forest was cleared years ago by previous owners.