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The Birds Living in the Amazon Rainforest

Shiripuno Lodge – Fiery Topaz is among the most beautiful hummingbirds from the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

Shiripuno Amazon Lodge you will experience Life evolving in millions of ways to excite your senses, come and join us to feel embraced by millions in Ecuador.

Shiripuno Amazon Lodge is a privileged remote location surrounded by miles of unbroken pristine tropical Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.

We offer activities for:

  • Bird Watching
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Nature Explorations
  • Educational Programs
Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. Shiripuno Amazon Lodge

Yasuni National Park, Shiripuno Amazon Lodge surrounded by miles of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.

“We had a great time at Shiripuno Lodge. Very peaceful and the guide, Fernando, was excellent. The lodge is not fancy but is very comfortable. Good food and sleeping quarters. Tremendous variety of birds and other wildlife. Highly recommended.

Yasuni National Park in Ecuador

Amazon Tree Frog. Yasuni Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador.

Our experienced naturalist and indigenous guides offer visitors a range of excursions.

Shiripuno Amazon Lodge

Giant Anteater. Yasuni Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador.

Since our Lodge is adjacent to the Shiripuno Research Center and it is the most remote biological station in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin, its mission is to establish studies on Natural History and Tropical Ecology.

Nine-banded Armadillo

Nine-banded Armadillo. Yasuni Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador.

The wildlife has been exposed to humans, therefore making careful management of all our activities to preserve our pristine wilderness.

Shiripuno Amazon Lodge

Kentucky International Educational Program. Yasuni Biosphere Reserve.

Join us to explore the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve!!